Parakeet Drawing Step by Step || How to draw a Parrot

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How To Draw A Songbird Step by Step

Step 1

To create a parakeet you’ll need create two circular shapes. One for the head and the other that is for body. Connect them both using necklines.

Step 2

Then, draw a claw-like beak then draw the skin on the top of the beak. Finally, make the nostrils. Color and draw an eye that is solid.

Step 3

As opposed to drawing first the body let’s begin with creating the perch bar, as well as two fingers and toes.

Step 4

The final drawing step. Draw the complete outline of the body of the macaw including the wings and tail. Include feathers on the wings and tail and then polish the sketch to the highest quality.

Step 5

This is the drawing you will make after you’ve completed it. Now , you can draw spots, stripes or anything else. Paint your bird after which you’re all done.

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