Paint for metal -

Paint for metal

Paint for metal

When you want to paint a metal surface, you need to use a special paint. Metal doesn’t hold paint as well as other surfaces like wood or plaster. Metal is also more likely to rust and corrode. If you want to paint metal, you need to use a paint that is made for metal.

Metal paints come in two versions. One is oil-based and one is water-based. The oil-based paint is more difficult to work with but the results are better. Water-based paints are easier to work with, but the results don’t last as long.

Paint for metal


You must prime a metal surface before you paint it. If the metal has been painted before, you will need to remove the old paint, rust, debris, grease, dirt. You can do this with a wire brush or wire-brush tool. If the metal is smooth and has nothing on it, you will still need to scuff up the surface of the metal so the primer can stick to the surface. The pads will also help smooth away some metal imperfections.

Safety Considerations

When you are working with metal, you need to be safe. Use a dust mask or respirator, protective goggles and gloves. Also, work in a well-ventilated area. When you are grinding away rust with a wire rotary tool, use earplugs for ear protection.


  • Remove Old Paint and Rust
  • Scuff Up the Metal
  • Prime the Metal
  • Apply Paint
  • Allow the Paint to Cure

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