Paint Edger

Paint edgers are tools that help you paint around things. They have a handle and a pad or a roller. The handle runs along the wall so that you can keep the pad or roller a little bit away from the wall. The pad or roller has a little wheel on the bottom that keeps it from getting too close to the wall. Paint edger’s let you paint around things without having to tape off the things you don’t want to get paint on.

Types of Paint Edgers

Pad: Some paint edgers spread the paint across the surface with a pad. The pad can be made of rubber or plastic. In some cases, paint may feed from a tube or the pad may need re-loading from the paint can or paint tray. Spreader paint edgers are the least expensive type of paint edger. Some cost less than $10.


Roller: There are two kinds of paint edgers. The roller kind and the pad kind. The roller kind is a roller with a small brush attached to the end. The pad kind is a little pad with a handle on it. The roller kind is better than the pad kind because the roller kind does a better job. It is more expensive than the pad kind, but it is worth the extra cost.

How to Use a Paint Edger

When you paint a room, you start by painting the trim around the windows and doors. Then you paint the walls, and finally you paint the ceiling.

You can use a paint edger to paint the walls. It is important to keep a wet edge as you paint with the edger. That means you need to keep the edge of the paint wet. If you paint over a dry area, you will get a line in the paint. That line will be very noticeable. If you paint over a wet area, you won’t get a line.

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