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Orbital Lovers and Drawing Lovers

Orbital Lovers and Drawing Lovers

Orbital Lovers and Drawing Lovers

Step 1:

Let’s get started, shall we? Draw the shapes and guides that will be used for this lesson. As this is a couple kissing, the head shapes should touch.

Step 2:

Start by working on the female profile. Begin by drawing the outline of the female’s nose and mouth. Once that is complete, draw the eyebrows and her eye.

Step 3:

This is my favorite part, as we begin to draw the long, flowing hair. To get the style started, start with simple strands.

Step 4:

You can take your time and draw more of her hair. You are basically drawing the length of the outer part and filling in the hair strands. To create a full hairstyle, add body and flow to the hairstyle.

Step 5:

Sketch out the length of your hair. Make sure you create curls, waves and ends. You can add strand detail to your hair. You should add layers and define your hair. Take your time, and be calm.

Step 6:

We will draw her arm and shoulder, as well as her hand. Draw in the shape of the man’s face as her hand is placed on his cheek while they hold hands.

Step 7:

This male is not shown much, but his hair is dreadlocked. It is full and very curly. This style is meant to mimic the active flow of the universe or galaxy. For the head, start on the outside and fill in the waves from the inside.

Step 8:

Almost done people. This is the most difficult part. Make sure you draw the neck first. Once you have drawn the neck, draw the lining of the back. Again it should look strong and straight. Once you have drawn the neck, add the tone and definition to the back. Then draw the shoulder, forearm and upper arm. The girl’s chest can be seen so draw it in. As you can see, draw in the muscle tone and definition of his body.

Step 9:

The last step is to draw the curl of the girl’s hair around her neck. Next, draw the shape and lining of her thighs. You can erase all guides and mistakes.

Step 10:

This is the final line art. You can color in this cosmic pair and display your work once you are done.

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