Octopus drawing

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Classroom experience taught me that curves are some of the hardest shapes for new artists to draw, in the sense that it is initially tricky to see just how curvy something needs to be. A gentle slope of a hill is vastly different that a head of curly hair, and it takes practice to conquer all the levels of curl that are in between.

So, that being said, adding an octopus to my collection of tutorials has always stumped me because a somewhat real one sounded too complex, and yet I couldn’t get excited over an oval and eight straight legs either.

This guy is a mix of the two, and may look a little complex, but the plan for how to add each legs is broken down into simple steps. By drawing the two outside legs first, then one in the middle, then filling in the rest, students are much more likely to get legs that are all spread out, for a very active looking octopus.

How to Draw An Octopus Step by STep

  • Grab a crayon or an oil pastel and let’s start by drawing a large oval shaped arch in the middle of the sheet.
  • Next, add the octopus’ first tentacle by drawing a smooth lines. Remember, if the first attempt doesn’t feel right, just flow back over the lines and repeat until you gradually build up and define the shape you want.
  • For the second tentacle, draw a smooth line coming off of the first, and slightly underneath it. Curve the end round to bring the line back to the centre of the Octopus.
  • Then, draw a smooth, flowing line under the Octopus’ second tentacle, to create the third tentacle. Each tentacle can twist or turn in whichever direction you choose.

Next, draw the fourth tentacle downwards, off of the third tentacle.

Some Octopus Drawing pictures

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