New And Exciting Super Mario Bros Coloring Pages

Super Mario Bros. has been around for many decades and it is still very popular today.

The Nintendo Switch’s 2017 release only increased demand for video games featuring Mario, his friends and other crazy adventures.

Super Mario Bros. has been a popular platform for entertaining kids since the 1980s. There are the classic Mario and Luigi brothers, plus Princess Peach, Yoshi and Bowser.

These video games are very popular and have resulted in a large demand for Super Mario Bros coloring sheets that you can download for free.

How to Draw Yoshi

Here are 30 brand new Super Mario Bros coloring pages you can color and print for free.

You could also draw background details to help you imagine what Mario might be facing.

Is there something that could make him appear so serious in this photo?

Next, we have Mario dressed as a flying raccoon. This pose was also inspired by the iconic Super Mario Bros 3 cover.

You could also look at the cover and color your background in the same colors as the cover to show that you are inspired.

To really complete the effect, you might even add the logo to the page!

Are you going to try to recreate the game’s cover? Or will you choose a completely different look?

Super Mario Bros would be incomplete without Mario, our mustachioed hero.

He is wearing his classic hat, gloves and overalls. In this cute printable, he looks so excited to meet someone.

Luigi, Mario’s younger fraternal twin brother, is the other half of Mario Bros.

He is shorter and taller than his older brother and appears a bit more reserved.

Mario is able to run a lot in the games. The next page shows that Mario is running at full speed.

His expression suggests that he might be nervous or scared. His bravery is evident, so it must have been quite intimidating for him!

Another picture that you can use to create a fun background is this one. This could be printed on large pieces of paper. That would allow you to create cool backgrounds.

What do you think is going on in this image?

We have next, a relaxed Mario standing pose in our collection of Super Mario Bros coloring pages.

These pages show Mario in high-energy situations. It’s great to have one that allows us to color calmly and have fun!

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