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It is possible to refer to the basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.

How To Draw A Pheasant

Okay, let’s get started by establishing the foundation for Your Neko first. I’m sure the lines can be confusing So I would suggest beginning with the top of the line. Make sure you draw the guides for your head to be sure to draw accurately. Chest guides must be drawn larger to give an accurate look for the body. Be sure to draw a trailing edge.

Step 2
Then, begin drawing the initial part in the face steps. It is recommended to remove the facial features and face to draw the head precisely. Take the meat off the shoulders and neck and begin drawing the arms and chest. I would suggest making small circles to form your glove’s base.

Step 3
Then , draw the feet or fingers for the glove Neko wears. Then, you can draw other details on the face. After you’ve completed the list of details begin working with the arm. Draw everything exactly in the order you’ve read.

Step 4
Then, you can begin drawing the hair for the hot Neko. The face can be drawn with any expression you want. To make her appear more attractive, hotheaded or shy make sure you make sure to add some blush accents. This can make your character appear vulnerable, yet attractive. Begin drawing bras as well as the claws. When drawing breasts beneath clothes they are only visible away from the edges. Many artists prefer drawing the full contour of the bust creating the illusion that it’s glued to the skin. So, let’s draw some stretching lines along the chest area , making the dress appear like it’s singing. Next, draw a little bit around the waist.

Step 5
Draw the hair in all its entirety and the cat-like ears. I do not provide any guidelines on how to draw the hair since it’s actually the creation of the artist. You are free to create your own hairstyle, which is what makes it difficult to find instructional videos. Follow Neko’s dress.

Step 6
And then sketch your curly tail. Perhaps you can create an actual fox as soft as its tail, it’s completely your choice. Extend your imagination and think about the possibilities.

Step 7
This is how your line art should appear to be a little. If you’ve created your own customized cat do not fret that it won’t look as this. I hope that you had a bit of enjoyment studying “how how to draw Neko”! Thank you so much for watching and best of luck with your art endeavors!

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