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Moose Tattoo Drawing Lesson

Moose Tattoo Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

As the title suggests the drawing will be the first of the guidelines to draw this particular moose. Start with a simple circular and then draw the form of its body. Draw the outline for the front and back legs.

Step 2:

This is an instructional task that will take some time to complete. Be patient when you tackle this challenge. Begin with the head guide for drawing the skull of a moose’s head. I always start with the top and work towards the bottom. Sketch in the upper portion of the teeth, that is usually exaggerated a little. Include the hollows for the eyes and the nose and then sketch slowly all the cracks and details on an area of the skull’s exterior.

Step 3:

We’re now ready to begin drawing the antlers. Although this skull is of a dead moose you must sketch the antlers. Include some nice clarity and details to the antlers, and finally at the bottom of your skull. Be patient and don’t hurry.

Step 4:

Start sketching out the bottom portion that is the jaw. It must also include teeth. Take note of the bone structure in the jaw, and make certain to record this section of the moose’s skull.

Step 5:

You can clearly see, the heads and the antlers in the moose skull is largely drawn. The next step is in drawing out the entire body, starting at the neck, and work toward the shoulder region. Be patient when you draw this to ensure that it is clean and uniform.

Step 6:

Moving to the front hoof bones and legs. Start with the back portion of your leg, and then draw the rest into sections. Then sketch the bones of your ankle, and the hoof and foot bones. Make sure you add details to the bones of the skeleton and move on to step seven.

Step 7:

Now you have the front limbs and neck skeletal frame have been sketched, you can begin drawing out the ribs and pelvic bones, followed by the hind leg with the smaller size. Take your time and don’t hurry. Slowly move your spine down and form the bones of the moose’s body.

Step  8:

It is simply drawing one side and the reverse of the ribcage as it is. It should also be drawn in color since it is within the shadow region on the back.

Step 9:

Continue this step by drawing additional ribs, and adding some shading. It should look more dimensional, and therefore keep this in your head.

Step 10:

The next step is to add some shading to the eyes and nose hollows. Once that’s completed, add additional shading on the inside of the mouth as well as across the back of the moose’s head. Add more details on the bottom jaw bone, too.

Step 11:

Now you can start to see the flames surrounding the moose as it flies. This moose who is dead is floating above the gates of hell. You must be patient because you’ll have to detail the flames.

Step 12:

Begin by drawing your gates to hell, and after that, color it in. Remove all mistakes and you’re done.

Step 13:

That’s it. It’s done. You can now draw your design. I’m sure you’ve lied in by following this guide.

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