Moon Child Art, How To Draw -

Moon Child Art, How To Draw

Moon Child Art, How To Draw

Moon Child Art, How To Draw

Step 1:

Simply draw a circle around the head shape, then sketch the facial contours.

Step 2:

Then, follow the guidelines for drawing facial features an outline of the first eye. Eyelids should appear long and thick that is the lashes. Draw the line of the crease and then draw the nose, then the lips. Give some details and definition, and then go to step three.

Step 3:

In the image below,, you will be drawing in the style of her hair that is straight and long, and flowy to her left. In the end, her hair will wrap around the lunar base.

Step 4:

Then, sketch the outline that the moon takes. It’s a simple crescent shape so you’ll only need to draw the moon’s shape.

Step 5:

There will be more hair strands around the bottom of the moon. Make sure that they flow nicely and appear like they’re blowing in the wind.

Step 6:

Now draw the clouds in the way they’re scattered in the moon. You can then draw the cheese holes to the moon, too. Once you’ve finished, you are able to erase any mistakes and guide lines.

Step 7:

Once you’re done, you are able to color your artwork to complete it. I hope that you had fun and don’t be afraid to post your artwork on Drawinghub so that I can look over your work.

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