Minions Coloring Pages

Humor comes in many forms. The Minions are a great example of how you can have a lot of fun with a simple concept.

These adorable little animals are loved for their hilarious antics and are often inserted into scenes to add a lot of humor.

This coloring page collection for Minions is free and includes adorable oafs.

These pages are completely free and can be shared as many times you wish.

How to Draw a Gryphon For Beginners

You can find balloons in every color you can imagine when it comes to colors.

Bright colors would be used with colored markers or pens to make your choice brighter.

Which colors would you choose to decorate the balloon? What color will the minion wear?

Minions are energetic and lively, and always seem to be moving! This image shows a Minion looking relaxed and smug. It makes for a more calm image.

For this one we would prefer to keep the colors lighter, but it can be difficult when yellow is the main colour of the Minions!

You can soften a brighter color, such as yellow, by using mediums like watercolor paints or colored pencils.

What page will you choose?

Let’s take a look at the first page of our Minions coloring pages!

You can have fun with this little guy by drawing silly and funny objects on the table surface.

What are some fun things you think this Minion would like?

Stuart was an iconic character in the Minions movie. He is the star of the next page.

While most Minions are happy and cheerful, Stuart is more serious, as you can see by his expression.

Do you want to add some lightness or contrast his moodiness with lighter shades?

We are seeing a minion who looks a little confused! Is there anything that could have led to this minion looking like this?

You can draw additional details if you have ideas.

Perhaps a science experiment that involved a small explosion went wrong. You could then add details to show the effects of such an event.

This is only one idea that you can use, but there are many other options.

Everyone enjoys a good snack from time to time. This next page is part of our collection of Minions coloring pages.

The minion is about foraging on a delicious chicken drumstick. It makes for a great scene to color.

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