Minion Drawing With Pencil and Paper

Hi , Today we learn here that how to draw Minion cartoon. Minion Cartoon is the most favorite character for new generation children. Since the movie that came out, it will make a home in the hearts of children. Now whenever a teacher gives his children some drawing homework, the children often make them.

If you don’t know how to draw, you don’t need to worry. We will explain to you step by step here.

Step One : In this step you can see that first off all we make glass. You can Try to complete first step with this image.

Minion Drawing 1st step

2nd Step:  In this step we give High color for highlight character.

Minion Drawing 2nd step


Step 3rd: In this Step we create his Girl Friend character  🙂

Minion Drawing 3rd step


4th Step: This is the final Step of this Drawing. If you want to create like this please focus on image.

Minion Drawing 4th step


Wow. That Amazing Minion Drawing. In this drawing we Use Pencil , Paper  and A remover robber. If you Need any things about this drawing then you can tell me in comment box. I will provide.