Mew And Music Drawing Lesson

Mew And Music Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

The process will start as we do every time with guidelines and a design. Create a circle for the head. Then draw on the face with the guidelines with the headphone guidelines.

Step 2:

Let’s begin drawing Mew’s head starting from the recognizable structure for the head. We will begin by drawing one side first and then move to the next one later. Draw a half-circle around the top part of the head, then the ear shape, face and the mouth/muzzle form.

Step 3:

Repeat the exact steps as you’ve done on step 2.

Step 4:

As the title suggests, you’ll draw Mew’s eyes in the shape. They are large, and have a triangle-like shape. The pupils are then added and some indents to create the eyebrow.

Step 5:

This is the final step, and it could be the most difficult step. All you have to draw is the headphones. Begin by drawing the muffs first before drawing the headband that connects the headphone. Once you’re done, you can erase your mistakes and guide.

Step 6:

Here’s your line artwork. This is how your drawing will look once you’re finished. You can color it now. Mew in with an awesome backgrounds to express your passion of music as well as Pokemon.

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