Megaman Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.


Step 1

Let’s begin the first part by sketching out some guidelines and shapes for the frame of Mega Man as shown. Start by drawing an oval-shaped circle for his head. You can then create guide lines for the face. You can sketch a line vertically to his shoulders, and then draw the shoulder forms. Then create a mountain in the shape of an “V” for the leg and then add two oval circles as his leg guide shapes.

Step 2

You will now begin to add the helmet lines , and the outline of his eyes. Then, draw shapes for the torso or chest and the contours of the thighs and shins of his. The lower part left leg of the leg you draw is noticeably bigger that the top of the thigh. This is exactly the type of dress you’re drawing.

Step 3.

After that, you’ll begin sketching the outline of your helmet’s design. After that, you’ll include his pupil and eyeball. Complete this step by drawing out the crotch region and then begin drawing the linings for his right hand and arm. Then draw the inside of the right shin.

Step 4

The next step you’ll begin to draw out the remainder of the helmet , both on the top and the sides. Form the curve of his upper body around the collar, and then at the shoulder and finally the lining of his left forearm as well as hand. After that, you’ll detail the crotch, then the knees, and then the design of the boots.

Step 5

This is the final drawing step . What you will do is draw the remainder of the contours on the helmet. Then sketch the chest details. Next, you’ll draw the remainder of his arms and hand. The final step is to finish by erasing all guide lines and the shapes you sketched in the first step.

Step 6

After you’re finished and you’re done, you’ll be left with an illustration similar to that shown here. The only thing you need to do is color the character. I hope you enjoy this video tutorial about “how to draw MegaMan”. I’ll be back with more tutorials in the near future.

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