Marry me Drawing Lesson -

Marry me Drawing Lesson

Marry me Drawing Lesson

Marry me Drawing Lesson

Step 1:

Let’s get started, guys. Here are the guidelines and shapes you need to create your skeleton figure.

Step 2:

Now, let’s get started. We will now use the guidelines and the shape that we created for the head of the skeleton and draw the actual profile and head shape of the skeleton.

Step 3:

Add some detail to the bottom of the skull and define the lower jaw. Define the lower jaw and chin.

Step 4:

Begin to draw the neck in sections.

Step 5:

First draw the collar of his suit. Next, draw the outline of the back. Finally, draw the arm or sleeves. The sleeve has holes and is worn.

Step 6:

Draw the tail from the tux jacket. Make sure you draw in any tears, rips or holes along the jacket’s edge lining. You can draw in the skeletal fingers as you see it done here.

Step 7:

Draw the other arm, sleeve and the ring that he is wearing.

Step 8:

Now draw your legs. They are at the bottom of your pants.

Step 9:

The skeleton is wearing shoes, so tie the laces and put on your shoes. These shoes will add definition and you’ll notice that the leg is still kneeling has exposed bone around the ankle.

Step 10:

Draw the hand coming in and wrap the ribbon of flowers around it. Then, color in the shadows of your suit and body. Finally, draw the skeletal hand that is coming in. Remove the guides and mistakes.

Step 11:

This is the final line art after you are done. This drawing can be colored on Marry Me.

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