Marilyn Monroe Drawing with Color Pencil

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

Kylie Jenner Drawing with Pencil Step by Step

The first thing you’ll do is draw guidelines for the head and face.

Step 2
Utilize the facial guides to identify Marilyn’s face’s shape and her curly, long hair.

Step 3
Utilize the guide to draw Marilyn’s upper eyeline. Along with the eyelids , draw some curly and thick lashes. The liner had to be thick in order to complement her distinctive eye makeup.

Step 4
Draw the eyebrows first, later color them. Draw Marilyn Monroe’s eyes to the end Then sketch her cute mole and her famous nose.

Step 5
Continue by using the guide to draw Marilyn’s mouth wide and sexually attractive. Include more teeth as well as some coloring.

Step 6
Before combing her hair, sketch the ears first and then draw some details within the ears. After that, you are able to sketch out a short , wavy hairstyle.

Step 7
Then, draw the outline of her neck. then draw shoulders. Remove the basic principles and errors after which you’re all done.

Step 8
After you’ve completed your drawing of Marilyn Monroe easily, you can paint it in color and display your drawing talents to anyone you meet.

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