Make Jack-Jack draw from Incredibles

Make Jack-Jack draw from Incredibles

Step 1:

To begin drawing Jack-Jack draw an outline of a circle.

Step 2:

Draw in the shape of Jack-Jack’s ears as follows. Make sure to add the detail on the inside of their ears. After that, you can proceed to put the adorable hair tuft over the top of Jack’s head.

Step 3:

Okay, I’m sure I should have drawn some guidelines for facial features, but I believe drawing the face of Jack-Jack is simple enough without them, since his features are big and easy. All you need to draw two large eyes in the middle of the circle that you created during step 1. After that then give Jack-Jack pupils and the iris. It is possible to draw the big smile as well as the mouth, the dimple and nose.

Step 4:

Jack-Jack wears a black-colored eye mask, so you’ll need to draw the liner which creates the mask. If you examine the picture, you’ll observe that the mask is formed as a letter B, laid across its back.

Step 5:

Okay Give Jack-Jack a neck, then mark the collarline and shoulder, arm, belly, chest and a portion of the legs.

Step 6:

Draw the body in the final stage by drawing his little hand, his other arm and the remainder of his body, and finally his feet. Make sure you erase any mistakes if you have made any, and then include the wrinkles or creases on his clothing.

Step 7:

This is Jack-Jack after you’re finished. Enjoy coloring him and bring your Incredibles child to life.

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