Make a Skull Couple Tattoo

Make a Skull Couple Tattoo

Step 1:

This will be as simple as I can. Begin with two guides shapes for each skull’s head. Next, draw the facial guidelines and the guidelines for the neck & jaw.

Step 2:

Next, work on the feminine or more feminine-framed skull. This is clearly a girl. Begin by creating the skull’s shape. Next, incorporate the formation of the nose, brow, upper and lower jaws, chin, and neck. This will create the profile of your skull’s facial structure. Once you have that completed, you can start to draw the eye shapes. Next, sketch the face and expressive pose. You can then add all the details to the bone canvas, creating an image of a skull.

Step 3:

This section will be focused on the male skull or more masculinely drawn skull. You will follow the exact same steps as with the girl skull. However, the profile of the male skull will be different. It is more closed in and has a less expressive pose. Continue working on the male skull until you are satisfied.

Step 4:

You will now work on the rose. While this may seem difficult to some, I draw roses from the center and work my way out. The leaves should be the last part of the rose. Once the rose is finished, you can begin to sketch the details and definition.

Step 5:

You will only need to draw the smoke surrounding this skull couple. This skull couple is very passionate, which is an interesting concept to consider when drawing skulls. You can erase any mistakes made during the drawing process.

Step 6:

After you have cleaned up the art and removed any eraser debris, the drawing will look just like the one that was created for you. You can take your time coloring the drawing.

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