LOL Doll Coloring Pages

I’d recommend using some colored pens to highlight certain particulars in this photo to make her truly the most fashionable celebrity!

We’re all set for some fashion entertainment with this fashionable LOL Doll coloring page! The doll certainly looks ready to walk the runway.

In this case I would say that any style of color will work perfectly. As a result, you can put your favorite colors for it and I am sure it will look amazing!

We’re excited to find out what colors you’ll use to create the LOL Doll.

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I think that we can all think that the doll that is featured in the LOL Doll coloring printable has some hair that is big and a big personality! She’ll need a strong neck to wear this stunning hairstyle all day long.

There are lots of small, beautiful detail in her hair, and I would suggest using pencils and colored pens would be a great way to bring some amazing detail in color.

This is a fun doll. I would say the more colors you can include, the more appealing!


You’re ready to roll and rock with this fantastic LOL Doll coloring book! The little rock star looks very cool and requires some amazing shades to finish her style.

To create this look, I’d utilize some bright purples and pinks to bring out her punk rockstar look she is sporting.

What vibrant colors do you plan to select for this glam LOL Doll Prountable?


It’s a great LOL Doll coloring sheet features the doll wearing a dress which has a hint more of a vintage feel. There are some interesting triangular designs on this dress, which provide a wide range of fantastic color options.

If we wanted to color this picture it, we’d choose bright neon colors created with media like markers or colored pens.

This is a great way to complement the fashion of this dress, but it’s just one way you could dress her look. What are other possibilities you could imagine that would complement this style?

The following LOL Doll coloring sheet has the doll with plenty of attitude! The outfit she’s wearing is somewhat more minimalist than the previous ones, and you’d like to use lighter colours for her.

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