Loki Drawing Step by Step Tutorial || Tom Hiddleston

The basic step-by step drawing guide that follows

Platypus Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

We’ll start by establishing the foundational framework for Our Loki body. But, while you’ll need to make an effort to draw these paths in a correct manner however it’s not essential. I usually start with the principles that are similar to these as I draw the rough sketches. The sketch guide outlines the outstanding guides that will be created (hands as well as staff). I suggest making these drawings quickly.

Step 2

Starting with the first formation of your face can be the ideal way to begin. It is important to outline the face before adding facial expressions. If you draw the face first it can get confused with proportions and also you will not be able in figuring out the best way to position the facial shape around the face that you have drawn first. This is why I always begin with balancing the face.

Step 3.

And then continue with facial smooches! I’m incredibly happy by this, since Loki is the ideal look for the role of a villain… A quiet, manipulative villain. The upper lip of his character isn’t evident due to the fact that Tom (actor) does not have enough upper lip. Lower lip is equally divided between the top and bottom giving a uniform look. The guy has famous for his dark eyes and gorgeous eyelashes. The lash I chose for him was a subtle drawn cheekbone to match it.

Step 4

The next step is to draw the head in its entirety but this is not required from now from now. If you wish, you can leave this step out. I’ve added this step in order to prevent you from having the desire the helmet to be drawn. A lot of people prefer drawing Loki without his gear to show off that ‘overly beautiful face. Haha.

Step 5

Then (if you sketched previously) then sketch the helmet. If you missed the previous step and instead went into this one, you can draw the red lines indicate.

Step 6

Since I’ve simplified the initial helmet design, I’ll include a few definitions of stripe on the helmet. Utilize thin lines for this section as using strong lines will just make the drawing tire. It is possible to create art that is cryptic by using the same line weights across. Make use of thin lines for the detail and bold lines to create the outer forms.

Step 7

As we progress up the stairs beginning slowly, we will outline shoulders and the cape which is worn over the shoulders. The version we’ve created of Loki doesn’t have the armor that is encapsulated like the original Marvel designs.

Step 8

Breathe deeply and begin drawing the arm holding the stick. Take note of how the cape is wrapped over his arms, showing the two of them raising their arms and demonstrating the movement in this particular posture. I would like to go about with you slowly and patiently to complete this section. As I was sketching this idea, I sketched the same way checking that the arms were aligned anatomically with the neck and shoulders.

Step 9

Then, outline the thumb and palm prior to drawing the fingers with clenched hands. I do this to make it much easier to draw fingers that are not clenched. Rememberthat the index finger should always be above the other fingers that are tightly clenched.

Step 10

Be patient, work with your employees from the top to the bottom or perhaps mid-level. I chose to draw the employees from the top to the bottom. It’s easier for me to draw this method.

Step 11

Also, take your time and utilize the light line for the small details. As I’ve mentioned before that it’s best to utilize light lines for inner details so you can adjust the weight of your line.

Step 12

As you practice on your drawing you will have something like this. I prefer using the Micron ink pen or black marker for the same line quality. If you don’t have the tools, you can utilize a black marker, or any black pen is available. I hope you enjoy this tutorial, boys! I enjoyed sketching Tom Hiddleson; by the by the way, he’s from English descent. At first , I believed the artist was American but there is no way. There is always that someone is proficient in English even if they have small lips.

Step 13

This is the completed digital color sketch. It is important to note that I didn’t finish the shading of the staff and hand. Interesting!

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