Lips Drawing and Coloring for Kids

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

Begin in drawing straight horizontal line. This will help in the design of the lower and upper lip and will help you find the intersection point between the two lips.

Step 2

Draw a curved line over the horizontal line and enclosing the semicircle. This will create an upper lip.

Step 3

Draw a curving line below the horizontal line, creating an even larger semicircle. This will create your lower lip.

Step 4

Draw two lines of curved lines across the top of your upper lip. This helps to define the contours of the lips.

Step 5

Remove the guide lines from the upper lip.

Step 6

Draw a curving line across the lower lip, more clearly creating its form.

Step 7

Remove the guide lines from the lip’s bottom.

Step 8

Draw a small dot on the end of each lip in order to mark the corner that the lips meet. Draw an unwavy line in between the dots and let the line be between the top and bottom of the horizontal line. The lines define the contour of lips at the point that the lips meet.

Step 9

Eliminate the horizontal guide off the lip. Define the lips with short curving lines of various lengths.

Step 10

Your lip color. Lips are typically portrayed as pink or red however with a tiny bit of lipstick, you can change them to any shade you imagine.

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