Pencil sketch

Line Girl Drawing with Pencil Step by Step

The basic step-by step drawing instructions that follow below.


In this stage, we’re working on drawing a female wearing cap. Let’s get started drawing. Begin by drawing a semicircle at the center of the page. Close the circle by using small curves. Next, draw the circle in proper position. The same process can be done using both sides. We now have two faces of each edge. We can begin connecting them by tiny curves. The girl’s hat is completed.

Step 2.

In this stage, we’ll sketch the hair of our girl, her face, and lips. We are now making faces. The first step is to draw a U-shaped curve. Then, draw the hairs. Draw long hairs that are curly to the left side. The same process can be done on both sides. Then, we draw the lips.

Step 3.

In this step , we color the girl. The lips are colored as well as certain areas of the lids red. The rest of the lid is now the hat as well as the hairline to ensure security.

Step 4:

In this step , we’re drawing a woman with a side-pose. Let’s begin drawing. The first step is to draw lines and outline the lines of the lips, nose as well as the neck, chin and chin. Then, we draw the eye and then create the volume.

Step 5:

In this step , we are trying to finish a female drawing that has the side of her face. Draw curved lines to hair. The last step is draw circles beneath the hair and create an earrings. The sketch of the girl standing in the front is done. Find out more about drawing line birds.

Step 6:

In this stage, we will be drawing a cute girl with strokes of the brush. We begin by drawing the head. Draw a semicircle at the middle of the page. Draw a second curved line in the middle of the circle. Draw a line to the right and left sides. Draw a circle, and create cute eyes. Shade the eyes. The next step is drawing on her ears. Create circles either way of the face to create ears. Draw the curves and create the full face. Then, in the final step we draw hairs on her head as this.

Step 7:

In this stage, we will try to complete the adorable girl drawing. We draw on the body of the girl. The first step is to draw curves on both sides, and then create the design of her skirt. Let’s draw some U forms to create this dress. Below, we sketch her shoes. We then draw lines and create an arm with both fingers.

Step 8:

In this stage, we will be drawing the lower portion of the female. Begin by drawing the lower part of the girl. draw lines that are curved on both sides to draw the outline of legs.

Step 9:

In this phase you will draw curvy lines and then form the form that the waist will be below. The last drawing was the belt around her stomach. We sank beneath the girl’s.

Step 10.

In this stage, we’re drawing a cute little girl. Draw curly shapes on the right and left sides, and draw small circles for the ears. Draw a semicircle for the front.

Step 11:

In this section, we complete the hair. The final semicircle is joined to with the line of face. Draw the circle to the right side and draw the form of the hair ties. The same process can be done using both sides.

Step 12:

In the final step we’re trying to complete her drawing. Start by drawing an outline that fits her face, and then draw an eye. Then start shading her eyes. We will now draw the body shape. Draw a curve and create an arm. We will now add a smiley face emoji onto her shirt. We’ve completed our drawing.

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