Levi Ackerman Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

You could follow the step-by-step drawing tutorial below.

Step 1: Draw an outline of a circle.

Then, this is the very first step of This Levi drawing. In this stage, we need to draw the form of the circle. You have to draw the average size of the circle. You require a drawing device to draw the circle. If you are able to draw this circle with no equipment, this is the perfect choice for you. I’m hoping you are able to understand what it takes you can draw circles. If you are then you should study and comprehend all the steps below.

Step 2 Draw some basic principles

Friends, we need to draw some instructional drawings (Levi sketching). We’re sharing instructions as we require help on where to draw Levi Ackerman’s Eyes, Nose, and Mouth. I hope that you can understand why we’ve established the rules.

Step 3: Draw Levi’s Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Then, guys, we need to sketch the face of Levi Ackerman. The first step is drawing the eyes. To draw eyes, you need to draw the outline of the eyes. Then create the Eyeball. I hope that you can understand how to draw Levi’s eyes. We now have a sketch of Levi’s nostrils as well as lips. It’s easy to draw.

Step 4 Draw the Ears of Levi’s

So, now we must make Levi’s ears. To draw an ear, we need to draw the outline of the ear, then draw the proper shape of the ears.

Step 5: Draw the hair

We must draw hair of Levi. The first step is to draw the outline of the hair. After sketching the hair’s shape, we need to draw some circles that represent Levi’s hair.

Step: 6 Levi’s drawing done

So, guys we have the Levi drawing was completed. Then we need to draw on the sketch. Make sure you sketch carefully, if your pencil marks are not visible, then the drawing, it won’t be appealing.

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