Learn how to draw a cat

Learn how to draw a cat in this fun cat drawing tutorial! But this is no ordinary cat – this is a Colorful Cosmic Cat!.

I’ll share how I came up with this cute cosmic cat that is adorned with vibrant and psychedelic designs. You can use these concepts to create your own cute animal portraits as I did in the Punk Rock Puppies! (You can look at one of them below!) It is possible to transform the entire animal into the form of a Cosmic Creature including rhinos, kangaroos and anything else!

For drawing the grid I traced a rectangle onto my paper that measured 7 inches wide and 7.75 inches high. To draw the inner lines that make up the grid I cut the measures in half. Thus that vertical line of middle was 3.5 inches that horizontal line of middle was.


After that employing the grid for a reference I traced the face of a cat on my paper. Grids are a method that makes drawing much more precise instead of just looking at it. With a grid, you can master drawing the cat, you are able to examine where the cat’s features are relative to the lines of the image, and then sketch them out on paper according to the lines of your grid.

For example, take a check out the photo of the cat and note the location of his ears. It is evident that they’re at on the edges of the image but they’re not quite at the edges of the grid. This is why you need to duplicate that image on paper. Take a second look at how his chin appears near the bottom of the photograph located to the center of the vertical central line. Then draw the same line in your own paper. Draw with a light touch, so that you are able to remove any errors. (But the most important thing is to not be scared of making mistakes! Nobody is perfect on the first go. This is why erasers exist!)

The same steps can be followed to sketch an outline for the head of the cat and his ears, eyes nose, mouth, and eyes. If you wish to draw lines to represent the various patches of color on the fur of the cat as I did in the image in the image below.

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This is the exciting aspect: now you get to color your cat in any way you like – with any patterns, designs and colors you’d like! I’ll illustrate how I created my own however you are free to follow your own creative whimsy as you draw the feline in your own personal method.

You’ll notice that I traced indentations across the outline of purple, which means there’s a hint of purple whiskers. What was the reason I did this?

So, I sketched the outline of the purple first, to be able to easily observe it on the second piece of paper I placed on top it. If I didn’t, I’d not be able to determine which direction to draw the whiskers. Therefore, the part of the whiskers above the outline of purple won’t be white however, for all intents the purposes of this, I’m happy with this.

Then I colored in his eyes. I created the multicolored pattern that I drew however, you are able to color your cat’s eyes in any way you’d like! You can choose only one color, several colors as well as draw dots, polka dots, or hearts! You decide.

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Click upon the picture to display the larger print-friendly version. Right-click on the larger image and copy it into your computer, and then print it numerous times as need. The outline was made light grey to ensure it is easy to draw around it using colored markers, pencils or pen.

I hope you enjoyed yourself by following this drawing tutorial on drawing the cat! If you created a fantastical cat following these guidelines Please send me a note and I’d be delighted to see it!

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