Lamp Drawing easy Step by Step -

Lamp Drawing easy Step by Step

Lamp Drawing easy Step by Step

The basic step-by-step drawing guide that follows

Step 1

This is yet another simple guide. Start beginning by making two horizontal lines to the bulb. You will then create a vertical line to the lamp post and your table lines. Then, you will add two shorter dashes along the pole to add an ornamental aspect that the lamp.

Step 2

Then, in the next step, you draw the top of the bulb with a slight tilt towards the back. Add a ball shape to one end of the cylindrical, and create a light-colored cylinder as illustrated. Then, you can finish this process by sketching the shape of your base and making the table top more thick as depicted.

Step 3.

Then, repeat step 3 by drawing the route that the bulb will be with an upward slope. Draw the outline of the neck’s pillar, and then draw the opposite part of the cylinder as you can see. This step will be completed by drawing the remainder part of the shape, as shown here.

Step 4

At the very highest point of the lamp over the bulb, you’ll connect a screw that is decorative to the bulb. Also, you will outline the neck’s upper part with lines. You can then thin the board, and begin erasing the guides you created in the first step. This will make your drawing ready for shading.

Step 5

Then, eventually, your lights will look as follows. What you have to do now is to color your drawing, and that’s all there is to it. Now you know how to draw the lamp step-by-step. I hope you liked this tutorial. I’ll have some more drawing classes that will be interesting in some time. I’ll see you later…

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