Iron Man Drawing Step by Step Tutorial

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

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Step 1

We’ll be right there. Begin by sketching the form of the head to create Tony’s costume mask. After that then you can begin sketching the shoulders and neck comprised of several sections. The lines that are overlapping create the structure of the suit made of metal.

Step 2

Then, you can begin drawing Iron Man’s face by drawing components of the face from scratch. After that draw the eyebrows, then draw eye corners. Make sure to line the cheeks to create strokes. Iron Man is an armor so there will be lots of cuts and seams.

Step 3

Then, we’ll continue drawing Iron Man’s armour until completed. Draw the biceps portion of his arm or armor. Make sure to add details to the outfit Then outline the outline of the torso. This isn’t the focus of this step , but in the next step , you will join the linings and create the segments.

Step 4

Intricating the chest armor with the design gives it the appearance of a bulky. Draw circles to create your ARC generator (I believe that’s the name it’s known as). After that, you’ll be able to include the rest of the definition before proceeding to step five.

Step 5

This is perhaps the easiest procedure you’ll complete in this video. All you need to draw the form of Iron Man’s body , or lower body, which forms an outline of his upper part.

Step 6

It is now time to define the depth of the layers that form the stomach of the armor. The process should be carried out slowly so that all of the liner is properly outlined. It is also necessary to draw certain shapes beneath or on top of your chest’s plate. Be patient and once you’re finished, you can proceed to step 7, which is the last drawing step.

Step 7

Then draw the remainder of the arm as this and then add all the strokes and details which make up Iron Man’s outfit. Make sure to erase all mistakes once you’ve finished all of them.

Step 8

The suit is an illustration of the Mark 42 suit that Tony Stark fixes throughout the film. I hope you all enjoyed creating Iron Man 3. I’ll return in a short time with more information for you all.

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