How to Shade an Eyeball Step by Step || Realistic Eye Drawing

The easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Eyebrows on Paper Step by Step

Step 1

Light Shading Grab an HB pencil that is blunt and then use the other side of your lead to draw massive, sharp strokes on scratch paper. Make use of exactly the same point to apply an even layer of graphite across the eyeball but without drawing directly on the eye’s iris. Contouring could be a great shading technique.

Step 2

Mix with care. Take a small piece tissue paper with your finger and then mix the eyeballs in two distinct parts. Avoid touching any areas of shadow otherwise you’ll splash more graphite onto the eyeball. Make sure to use only minimal pressure and then use a new piece of tissue following every swipe.

Step 3

Shading around the Iris After you have smooth shading using your HB pencil, you can use it to shade the Iris. The objective is to get rid of the rough edges around the Iris. Mix the graphite in If you require to.

Step 4

Eyeliner Shadow Soften the color of your graphite when the skin is in contact with the eyeball. This step is subtle but it does help pull the eye and skin to each other. Comparatively to the earlier image the one above appears to suggest the upper and lower eyelashes are in fact touching each other. eyeballs, a tight fit.

Step 5

Create subtle shadows, based on the direction the light source comes from (mine was from above) Add shading using an HB pencil that is blunt. To make the eyeballs appear round make the distal edges of your eyeballs. Make sure that your value shift is slow. Scroll down and then compare the images of step 4 and 5. Take note of how even delicate shadows can give your eyeballs an elongated shape. This is one thing to remember when you’re being shaded. Additionally, there’s an eyeball region close to the tear duct which is a bit bumpy. Therefore, you should pay attention to it. However, you shouldn’t to get too focused about it. Therefore, you should try to be subtle.

I hope this guide has been useful! What step that has been most helpful to you? I’d love to hear about it.

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