How to Paint a Girl Face Step by Step -

How to Paint a Girl Face Step by Step

How to Paint a Girl Face Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step painting instructions below.

How To Draw Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail

Step 1

The first step is to select an dominant value to begin a tone comparision by using a neutral hue like the face color.

Step 2

Begin with a sketch, with a focus on the main value and construction lines. At this point, there’s little concern with accuracy. The goal is to draw lines and tones that you can use for the next steps in which you’ll really require attention to precision.

Step 3

Start with a color that is not saturated as well as draw soft lines. Always check the timbre and tonal relationships between each of the areas and squint to determine the tone.

Step 4

Before adding the correct tone to every area It is an iterative procedure (scale adjustment, adding tones, blend edges, change scale)..

Step 5

I spotted the value of the eye as a basis for comparing tones to other areas. Do not make it too dark. Leave the most dark tones to the very end

Step 6

This is where I started to work with the rest of the area of the design, drawing the neckline and the white skirt.

Step 7

I employ smaller Photoshop brush and adjust the opacity by applying pressure. Focus on specific parts and then alter the proportions

Step 8

I retouched the tones , and blended the edges

Step 9

I chose complementary colors for the background to create interest. I then blended the edges

Step 10

This is where I keep blending and soften the edges, looking to look at the bigger picture and looking at the finer details in tones, values and colors. I hope you enjoy this!

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