How to Make Santa Christmas Countdown Craft Step by Step -

How to Make Santa Christmas Countdown Craft Step by Step

How to Make Santa Christmas Countdown Craft Step by Step

Does your child enjoy watching the countdown to Christmas? Bearded Santa Claus Christmas countdown craft composed of paper plates cotton balls, cardboard chains of paper along with Elmer’s Glue is the perfect item to keep kids happy throughout the month.

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Cut off a link from the chain made of paper. When you’ve reached the top of Santa’s beard, it’s Christmas Day.

How to create an Santa Claus bearded Christmas countdown craft
Follow our step-by-step directions below to discover how to create yourself your very own Santa countdown activities. Watch our video tutorial included in this article before getting started.

Materials needed for this Christmas Countdown craft:
paper platepaint skin color
paint brush
Red white card
White paper
Googly eyes

Instructions to make Santa Claus Crafts with this Paper Plate
1. Begin by painting the inside circle of the paper plate using the skin-color paint. Put the paper plate away for drying the paint.

2. Then, lay your red cardstock horizontally and cut it in such a way that you have one piece that is 4 inches wide and another that is 7 inches long. The piece with a width of 4 inches is to be used to make Santa’s hat. Cut a triangle of 7 inches to create the Santa hat.

3. Cut a small piece of paper across the top of your sheet of paper, to create straight edges.

4. Take 25 pieces of white of copy paper, measuring one inch in size by seven inches. Wrap six strips across the bottom of the plate, and secure them to begin creating Santa’s beard. Use your Elmer’s glue Stick to adhere to the other 19 sections. Apply glue at the end of each strip, then pull it across one of the previous circles of paper, then glue the strip to create another circle within the chain of paper.

You are able to design you Santa Claus paper string beard however you like using the 25 paper strips. Should you want to emulate the guidelines of our Santa Claus beard, connect the strips following:
Rows 1-2
Rows 2 – 5
Row 3 – 5
Rows 4 – 5
Rows 5 – 5
Rows 6 – 2

Make use of the final strip from the sheet to connect the two bottom circles of the 3rd row and 4th rows.

5. Utilize a stapler to secure to your rectangular red Santa Claus clothing to the plate of paper underneath Santa’s beard. After that, use your glue stick to attach the triangular hat to the top of the Santa’s face. Then, fold the top of the Santa hat and then apply glue from school to attach cotton balls onto the bottom of the hat.

6. Use Elmer’s School glue to create a line across the top of the paper plate, at the base on the Santa hat. Set an array of cotton balls across the line of glue. Apply another line of glue on the lower edge of the plate, then place it over the pin and put another row of cotton wool across the line of glue.

7. Cut a 3 inch circle from your white card for your mustache. Then split the circle into two. Attach the half circles to the middle of your Santa’s face to create mustache. Cut a 1-inch-wide circle from the red cardboard and place it into the middle of your mustache, to make the Santa’s nose.

8. Make sure you complete the Santa Beard Countdown Make your own Santa Beard Countdown by attaching googly eyes onto Santa’s face.

Put an image of Santa in the middle of the room or tie an extension string to it and hang it in a place that you can see it every day at home. Beginning on December 1 and every day thereafter, use scissors for cutting one of your string of paper out of Santa’s beard. After you’ve cut off the final piece of chain you’ll know is Christmas Day!

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