How to Make Flowers Step by Step || Cupcake Liner Daffodils -

How to Make Flowers Step by Step || Cupcake Liner Daffodils

How to Make Flowers Step by Step || Cupcake Liner Daffodils

Yellow is my most favorite color, so it’s no surprise that I am a fan of Daffodils each season in the front garden. I have many varieties of them since they’re one of my most favorite spring flowers.

You’re searching for a great method to create Daffodils this spring take a look at this! This craft for daffodils this morning is so easy to make and is great to hang for a the spring season.

How to Make a Color Mixing Activity Step by Step

All you require to make this spring flower craft is a few cupcake liners as well as cardboard and a few yellow pompoms. Prepare for a lot of fun creating these vibrant and vibrant Daffodils.

How to create cupcake liner Daffodil Craft
The three-dimensional appearance of cupcake liners and the green leaves that appear on the page makes this floral arrangement art work an eye-catching display piece. The pretty confetti is sure to catch the eye when displayed on the walls of your classroom in your home during the spring.

Check out our step-by step instructions below to learn how to create your own daffodils-themed paper craft. There’s also an instructional video in this article that you can use before beginning your project.

Materials needed to make your Daffodil Craft
Yellow cupcake liners small cupcake liners in orange or yellow liners
Blue cardboard
Green cardstock
Little yellow bomb
High Strength glue
– scissors

Instructions to make daffodils for cupcake liner
1. Flatten and fold your cupcake liners with yellow. Make use of scissors to cut six slits along the circle the cupcake liner, to make the flowers. Be sure to stop every cut when they are in the center of the cupcake liner.

2. Create a stem for every of your bouquets from an edging of green cardstock.

3. Create a crease on your green cardboard in order to cut your flower leaves. Then , cut the leaf’s shape by folding the fold edge. Unfold the paper and reveal the daffodil flower. Cut two leaves per flower.

4. Apply glue onto the circular area on back of the cupcake liners in yellow and then attach them to the light blue piece cardboard. It’s about one-third the paper’s top.

5. Attach the stalks of the flower and the leaves to the flower.

After we had glued the leaves, we applied an area of glue in the middle of the leaf and then glued them to our flower, without pressing the leaves’ sides down. This gives an exciting 3-D effect with the leaves bounce off the paper.

6. Flip each of the small cupcake liners (orange or yellow) upside down to use them to create the flower at the center. Apply glue between the daffodils, and place mini cupcake liners between them.

7. Make use of a strong adhesive (or glue stick) to stick three cotton balls of small size to the inside of your Daffodils.

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