How to Make a Rainbow Windsock Step by Step

Spring rains are a great time for children to explore rainbows and clouds in the preschool. Children will enjoy making bright rainbow-colored wind craft projects after reading the book on rainbows or when they see a stunning rainbow on the sky after the rain.

Children who draw large soft clouds over their wind socks with large pomelos create an artistic and fun element to this spring-themed craft which makes each child’s wind sock distinct. The design is distinctive to it.

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After you’ve made these rainbow-colored windsocks, you can hang them on the ceiling to an exhibit in the class, at home, or on the shade of a porch. Kids will be thrilled to see the spring-themed wind socks and rainbow zippers dancing with the breeze of afternoon.

A children’s rainbow fabric craft is laid down flat against a background of pink. It is decorated with rainbow bands spilling out of the bottom in various directions.Repost

How do you make stunning rainbow wind socks
Check out our step-by step instructions below to learn how simple it is to create the rainbow wind sock for your children.

Also, ensure that you have watched our video tutorial in this post prior to beginning to help you navigate the steps.

The materials needed to create the rainbow wind sock
Light blue card
– White paint
– clothes peg
– big pom-pom
Paper plate (for paint palette)
Crepe paper (red yellow, orange purple and blue)
– scissors
– glue
– Staples

Instructions to make Rainbow Wind
1. Start by attaching a huge pom-pom on the top of the clothespin so that you can make it a paintbrush. Open the clothespin, put the pom-pom in the opening and then secure the clothespin on the pom-pom.

2. Put some white paint on small plates of paper. Dip the pom-pom brush in the white paint, and then onto the lighter blue cardboard to begin making fluffy white clouds.

3. Then, continue to submerge the pom-pom in the white paint, then back to the paper to make the illusion of fluffy clouds over your paper. When you’re happy with the clouds you’ve created place the paper aside to allow the paint to dry completely.

4. Create a crepe paper, about 18-24 inches in length. You can choose the hues of orange, red and green. You can also choose yellow, green, blue , and purple. Flip the cloud paper upside down. Use glue to glue glue to the lower part of the paper. put all six crepes on the bottom of the light blue cardstock to create the form of a rainbow.

5. Make your rainbow wind sock into a cylinder and connect the ends. Two pins should be placed at the top and the bottom of the sock to connect the ends. Adults will certainly require help in this process.

It is also possible to use an adhesive with high strength to join the sock however you’ll need to keep the ends in place slightly.

6. The length of blue strap into 1 inch x 8 1/2 inches for the handle for wind socks. Add a generous amount of strength-strengthening glue to one end of the paper strip and attach it to the inside of the top of the wind sock. Attach glue to the opposite edge of the strip, and secure it to the other end of your wind sock in order to make your handle.

You can hang the rainbow wind socks outdoors and enjoy watching it move with the breeze of spring. You can also hang the sock inside for an attractive spring decoration.

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