How to Make a Pop Up Flower Card Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the simple step-by step guide for making below.


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The items needed to make a Pop-Up Card:
Tulip flower template <— Download the template here.
8.5 11-inch, green cardstock (65 lbs.)
8.5 11-inch, purple, pink, or red cardstock (65 pounds. )scissors
extra strength glue stick
Step 1
Begin by folding your green card reserve paper into half length. Then, open it and cut it in half across the fold. Fold the card into half lengthwise and you will have your card.

Optional: To make an even larger card, fold the 8.5 11″ keycard in half, allowing the size you want to make your card.

Step 2
Cut two slits on the middle of the folded edge of the card. They should be 1 inch from each other. Each slot should be about 2 inches in length.

Step 3
Fold the card in half and fold it down to reveal the center of the card made with the cut slots.

Step 4
Re-open and reopen the card. Then flip the paper you’ve just folded down and seal the card with the fold. Once you have unfolded the card the reverse should remain upright within the fold to emphasize the flowers.

An alternative: If decide to create a bigger card to accommodate more than one flower it is necessary create two separate slits per every flower you’re including. Check out the image above for an illustration.

Step 5
Download the tulip pattern. The petal template on the pattern’s page makes 3 pop-up flower arrangements. It is necessary to have three pieces of petal in each of the flowers. The leaf page in the template has enough leaves to make six flowers. Two leaves are required for each flower.

Print the leaf-printing page on green cardstock, and the petals of the tulip on pink, red or purple cardstock. Cut out floral patterns to make your pop-up flower card.

Step 6
Double the petals of each flower. Apply glue to the left and right edges of the petals that are not yet opened and then attach the folded petals on top, with the edge that is folded on the petals facing upwards to both the sides. This creates the appearance of a 3D flower.

Step 7
Use a glue stick put glue on the very top of the pop-out onto your card. Attach your 3D confetti to your pop up window. If you have several flowers, adhere each flower to the front on the back of your card.

Step 8
Make sure you complete your pop-up card by placing two leaves beneath the flower to the stem.

Step 9
If you’d like make your own personalization to make it the occasion of a Mother’s Day card, a Valentine’s Day card or a simple spring card, you can use markers to write your message.

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