How to Make a Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Step by Step -

How to Make a Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Step by Step

How to Make a Mother’s Day Flower Pot Craft Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step guide to making below.

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This article contains affiliate links for the products listed. Please read the disclosure guidelines for further information.We received the gift card from Michael’s. The card allowed us to purchase the items we needed to create crafts for Mother’s Day. Any opinions I express regarding the item in question are entirely my own. Visit your local Michael’s to locate any of the supplies we’ve used to make this craft.

Items required to make a flower Pot Craft:
flower pot template for crafting <— Get it in our shop
Kraft paper cardstock -8.5″ x 11″ (or the color you prefer)
Pink, purple or red or pink (or cards) 8.5″ x 11″
Paper stock in White 8.5″ x 11″
Green craft sticks
Elmer’s extra-strong glue stick (or the Tacky Glue)
3/8″ Ribbon – Find several shades at Michael’s.
Hole punch
Mother’s Day Craft Tutorials:
Step 1
Download and purchase flower pot template templates. Print the flower pot template in the design on brown paperboard made of kraft. Print the petal pattern on red, purple or pastel paper. Print your Mother’s Day card page on white card.

Step 2
Cut out each piece of the pattern in half. Be aware that each child only needs just one Mother’s Day card for their card.

Step 3
Make the flower pot template in half and draw an even line between the two sides to create your card.

Step 4
Put your Happy Mother’s Day card on the front of the flower pot card.

Step 5
Make use of a hole puncher make a hole on the pot’s rim to tie your ribbon on the next step.

Step 6
Take your flowers from the template. The petals are folded into half, and leave three petals unopened.

Step 7
Apply glue to your sides on one the unopened petals. Then, glue the two petals that have been folded on top of the flower, with the folds facing one opposite. Repeat this step to create two more tulips.

Step 8
Apply glue at the top of the craft sticks, and then attach the tulips.

Step 9
Then, open your floral pot cards. Attach glue on the reverse of your green craft sticks , then put them on highest point of your card, so that the spikes of flowers are inside your flower pot.

Step 10
Write with a marker your personal message at in the center of the card for the flowerpot.

Step 11
The flower pot is closed. Cut a ribbon approximately 26 inches in length. String the ribbon through the two top holes in the flower pot, and then secure the bow to the front of the flowerpot card.

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