How to Make a Gnome Valentine Craft -

How to Make a Gnome Valentine Craft

How to Make a Gnome Valentine Craft

It is possible to refer to the simple step-by step guide for making below.

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We try to keep the list of supplies easy for all of our crafts using paper So you may already have most of the supplies you will need to create your adorable Valentine caps. .

Check out our easy-to-follow guide below to find out how to make your personal paper gnome. It’s also worth checking out our complete video tutorial in this article before starting.

Materials needed for this paper gnome crafts
Gnome template for crafting <— Buy the template from our shop
Cardstock colored in colors (red pink, purple white, cream, and gray)
glue stick
ornaments to embellish the gnome’s accessories for the hat, such as heart stickers, small strips of paper, hearts and pom-poms crayons, markers, etc.
How do you create Gnome Valentine’s Day
1. Purchase and download the gnome templates from our store. Print every page of the templates on colored paper. Print the hat you prefer on pink, red or purple; white beard, hands and a cream nose as well as gray shoes. hearts printed on red or pink.

To help save paper, see two patterns on some pages. In this way, you’ll be able to cut the pattern you printed in half and make crafting pieces for two children.

Four collages displaying the pattern’s printed design. Adults joined the pieces to make Valentine’s day crafts.Repost

2. Cut each piece from the pattern.

3. Apply glue to at the tip of the beard, and glue the hat on. Then, attach the nose to the gnome, and overlap the hat slightly. Then, you glue the large heart shape onto the middle of the beard of the gnome. In the end, attach the hands in an oval at the bottom of the heart the same manner as the gnome holds the heart.

Gnome Valentine, wearing a pink striped headband and gray shoes with a huge pink paper heart.

4. Put glue on the upper part of each shoe, and put them on the base of the gnome’s beard.

5. Use markers, crayons and embellishments such as hearts, paper strips small paper hearts, or pom-poms for embellishing the hat of a gnome.

Valentine paper gnome sporting red floppy hat adorned with hearts of purple encircling an enormous pink heart.

A class filled with cute fluffy cats could be a wonderful display that can be hung outside of your classroom, or even on the wall.

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