How to Make A Cat Like A Witch’s Cat

How to Make A Cat Like A Witch’s Cat

Step 1:

Create a circle, sketch the facial lines.

Sep 2:

Begin by sketching out the form of the cat’s head, face and ears. The hair of the cat is sloppy.

Step 3:

Utilize the guidelines for drawing facial features to sketch out the lovely forms of the eyes of the cat. The lines must be dark, bold and scratchy. Draw the mouth and nose followed by long whiskers.

Step 4:

To complete your witch’s cat have to draw the tissue that lines the cat’s ears along with a few fur tufts. Make a crescent on the forehead and draw drippy dripplets of drooling under the skin. Remove any mistakes or guides also.

Step 5:

That’s it. Here’s an illustration of the lines. Then you’re free to go and apply some color If you’d like.

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