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To draw properly and effectively, as the best artists do, it’s essential to learn how to draw properly.


The Tripod Grip

There are two primary alternatives to holding the pencil. The most popular option is one you use for writing using a pen. This kind of grip for pencils is known as”the tripod grip. This type of grip is ideal for when you need to draw tiny details or when drawing on paper that is horizontal.

The grip is extremely familiar and practical because, from our childhood, we were taught to hold pencils, pens, and markers in this manner. The muscle memory that’s developed over time lets us control the pencil with our hands. Another advantage that is undisputed with this technique is its superior precision. This method is extremely simple and easy to illustrate various elements of small things, as well as small lines.


With the tripod grip you keep the pencil on the bottom this is very comfortable for writing. However, when drawing or sketching it is possible to hold the pencil with the upper or middle part. The closer you can hold your fingers to the pencil the better you can control the pencil. The further away your hands are away from the sharpened edge of your pencil more free your hand moves will be.


hand grip overhand

The second technique is more popular in the classical art school. The pencil is held with 3 fingers or the entire fingers. The method of gripping a pencil is referred to as overhand grip. hand grip overhand. This type of grip lets the user move their hand. Much more easily, and draw more lines even if the hand doesn’t reach the surface of the drawing.



When you use this method, your hand is totally free as it is not anchored to the surface of the work. The range of motion is huge which means you can draw extremely long lines. This allows for not only drawing huge details in your artwork but also shading huge areas. However, in addition to the choices mentioned, there are different ways you can use the pencil. Each of these choices can be useful in its individual way and can be used for various tasks within the process of making artwork.




All of these options are practical when your piece of canvas or piece of paper is situated in the vertical plane. However, they can also be used in situations where you draw on a horizontally-oriented paper. If it’s not practical to keep your hands in the air or use your little finger to draw as illustrated in the images created by the artists of 3dvkarts.net.NThe pencil must be kept away from the sharpened point so as to not block the artwork using the hand. If the pencil is short, you may place it inside a pencil extender. 



It is crucial to grip the pencil securely enough, however, at the same time, your hand shouldn’t be overly tension-stricken. If you do not the lines you draw will not appear flawless and gorgeous. If your piece of canvas or paper is placed in an upright position it is not advised to bend your arms towards the elbow. If your arms are extended drawing process is significantly facilitated. Furthermore, when the arm is further away from the sheet, the artist is more encompassing which is essential when drawing.


It is equally important to examine a piece of paper with a straight or nearly right angle. In the absence of this, you could be disfiguring what you see. dimensions of the objects depicted in the art. As you’ve guessed that there are two fundamental alternatives for holding a pencil and consequently, putting it on paper. The first is when the sheet of paper is placed in a horizontal position on the table or other planar surface, where you use the pencil as if you were a pen while in an act of drawing.


Another alternative is when a sheet of canvas or paper is placed vertically, or nearly horizontally, and you are holding the pencil as if you were wielding the shape of a sword. However, it is important to note that when you arrange the paper sheet, you may also use a pencil like a pen in case you are planning to draw specifics.



It is crucial to have the ability to control your hand properly since the entire drawing process is dependent on it. It is also crucial that the ability to control the pencil become automated. Similar to how you do not think about how to pedal when riding a bicycle, so you don’t need to think about controlling the pencil while you draw or sketch.


Pencils are the most popular, inexpensive, and multi-purpose tool available to artists. You can draw sketches as well as complete finalized artworks with a pencil. The essential tool for any artist has the ability to draw lines of various thicknesses, alter the tone, alter the style of the strokes, and convey the size, shape, and texture of objects. All of it is dependent on the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the artist at the hands of the tool. Therefore, how you manage the pencil or brush directly impacts the finished work.


Try different methods of holding the tool in your hand, that were demonstrated by artists from 3dvkarts.net In this post. You should try as many times as you can as it is through a process that will teach you not just how to hold the pencil in a proper way, but also how to draw like the best artist.


There are numerous methods to improve your pencil control abilities to the next degree. The creators of 3dvkarts.net advise you to use the pencil that has one of these grips and start sketching different lines on a piece of paper. You could also draw multiple points on the paper and sketch an outline of the marks. Additionally, you can attempt to create an evenly shaped A4 sheet. These techniques will enable you to improve your hands and develop capabilities in automation.


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