How to Drawing Eagle (Hunting) Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

How To Draw a Snowy Owl Step by Step

Step 1

You will begin our tutorial on how to draw a Bald Eagle.

If you carefully follow the reference image, this step will be easier.

Referring to the reference image carefully, you can draw rough shapes that will serve as the basis of the outlines later.

These lines will create the head, neck, wings and body of the eagle.

These pencil lines will be used to fill in the pen. Next, draw the beak and top of the head.

Step 2: Continue to draw the pen for your bald-eagle drawing

You can extend the pen lines to complete the outline of your bald-eagle drawing by continuing from the previous step.

This means that you can increase the lines for the tail, wings, and other areas, as you can see from the reference image.

For now, you can concentrate on the background elements as we will be adding more to it soon. You are now ready to move on to step 3.

Step 3: Now draw interior details for your bald eagle

You can add inner details to your drawing by following our tutorial on drawing a bald Eagle.

For fur detail, start by drawing some lines along the neck. For more feather detail, you can add a jagged line to the base of your tail.

Step 4: Finalize details for the nails and face

To complete your eagle drawing you can draw details of the claws and face.

Now, focus on the face and draw the eyes with simple circles. To give the eagle an enfocused look, you can use a sharp curve to place above it.

You can then perfect the mine to make the head. Next, add details to continue.

You can first perfect the claws and toes of the eagle’s claws. To finish the feather details, you can add curves to your inner wings.

After you have drawn all these elements, it’s time to add the final details!

Step 5 – You can now add final details to your drawing of a bald eagle

The fifth step in our tutorial will show you how to draw a Bald Eagle.

Although this step might seem complicated, if you take your time and follow the steps, you will succeed!

You will be adding feathered details to your wings as the main elements. This look can be achieved by creating feathered wings with rows of curves.

To complete the look, you can finish the details by adding some detail to the tail and legs.

After you have completed the details of our eagle you can add your own to this image!

This can be done by changing the details of the eagle or adding your own.

What would your personal rotation look like on the drawing?

Step 6: Finish your bald-eagle drawing by adding some color

Step 6 of the tutorial is about adding some color to your bald-eagle painting. We chose the usual coloration for a baldeagle in our reference image.

For a more realistic look, these colors are brown, yellow and white. You can change this look a little to achieve a more realistic look.

You can use different colors, or change them up.

You can also add color to the background if you have already drawn it.

Variation in the media used can create color variations. For images like these, watercolors and crayons are great options. They can soften an image.

Acrylic paints and crayons are great for creating vibrant colors. What can you do to add color to this bald-eagle painting?

You are done with your bald eagle drawing!

You’re now done with this tutorial on the bald eagle.


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