Hi! We’ve been working for a few days and decided to draw a lesson on zombies. You’re aware that the world has no shortage of films and video games featuring zombies. The author of this piece is of the opinion that this most stunning zombie was invented by the creators of “Half-life 2″ by the designer of the game “Half-life 2”. The reason is that you can see this zombie in the example of this step-by-step drawing instruction.

Step 1
Before drawing we should talk about the traits and form of our zombie. We’ve already discussed the reality that the zombies from Half-life 2 are the most amazing. We believe that. We have a few arguments to support it.

They’re very scary. The typical zombie appearance with a hairy head parasite, terrifying arms outstretched;
They create the impression of people that is very sick and doomed to die. That’s what we need to convey through our illustrations. Notice the bizarre motion of the zombie; the stretched hands and the bleeding in the abdominal cavity.
Of course, the horrific screaming. We’re sorry, but we’re not able to draw it.
Then, it’s time to draw. You can observe in this step, we’ll sketch the figure of a stickman. Our bodies’ proportions are not different from those of the physique of an average person, which is why you could apply the first step of the drawing class. Don’t forget, however, that in our current drawing one of the primary elements is the pose.

Outstretch arms with slightly curving lines of the spine, and legs. Make sure that your knees are should be aligned with each one. Another thing to note is that The left leg must be longer than the right.

Step 2
In this section, we’ll draw the contours of parasites (located on the head) as well as those of the human body. Additionally, we will sketch the arm. To draw the head crab’s body it is necessary to draw the head of a man in a flat ellipse like in our example. Then draw the head Arab’s feet, there is only one paw on the anterior side.

Then, we draw the outline of the arms of the zombie. Take a look at this drawing lesson

In step 2, we sketched out a small diagram of the main portions that make up the arm. Another thing to note: the right hand’s outer portion, the fingers, we draw a uniform line.

Then, a general strategy:

Step 3
In this phase, we’ll create the same final step of the process. The only difference is that we sketch the contours of the lower torso as well as the legs that our zombie has. The pelvis appears like a triangle. The knee joints look like globes. Make use of the partition of the previous step to ensure the proper separation of portions that make up the legs.

Step 4
This is the drawing process of the shirt. Be aware that the shirt is loosely hanging along the trunk. Evidently, the designers have made the zombie in this way to display horrific injuries on the stomach and the thorax.

Step 5
In this process, we reduce the appearance of the parasite that is located at the top of the head. After this step, remove all lines that are unnecessary for this animal.

Step 6
This is why we will continue with drawing tutorials where we will show you how to draw zombies in Half-Life. In this part, we’ll sketch the human body. It is evident, the abdomen and thoracic cages appear like anatomy preparations at Medical University. Medical University.

In a close-up you will notice the large cut in the body has been split into two pieces:

The upper portion. It contains fragments of ribs, behind which are the lungs.
The lower portion is the intestines. It looks like a thin, long tubing with sharp spikes.
General plan:

Step 7
In this phase, we’ll focus on the details of hands. Remember to include any holes you may find in fabric sleeves. Draw the long, ugly fingers. Utilize the first step to create an index line for the initial step.

Step 8
In this stage, we draw the pelvis and the legs. Take note of the belt. It’s located right under the abdomen wound. It is essential to differentiate between the internal (1) (2) and exterior (2) folds of the fabric jeans.

Step 9
This is the last step in this drawing lesson. Light falls upon the poor man on top and right of us. Therefore, we’ll shade the areas that are on the left and the lower. The shadow lies beneath the head crab, under the shirt as well as on the upper part of the pant. Make sure you draw the shadow which casts zombies onto the ground.

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