How to draw Zen Panda

How to draw Zen Panda

Step one:

Start with two shapes: one for your head and one for your body. Then, draw the guidelines for the arms and face.

Start to shape the head and face of the panda.

Step two:

Next, use the facial guidelines to draw the contours of the lids and marking rings for closed eyes. Then, follow the nose, mouth/smile, and brows with the marking rings.

Step three:

Draw in the ears.

Step four:

Next, draw the sides of your body. Then draw the arms. Finally, draw the hands and meditatively posed fingers.

Step five:

Next, we will draw the legs out.

Step six:

Finally, draw the shadow that is under the panda created by hovering. Eliminate all guides and mistakes.

Step seven:

This is the line art. The panda can be colored in. Great job.

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