How to Draw Zebra Stripes Step by Step

Below is a step-by-step drawing tutorial.

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Step 1

As you can see, it is going to be a very easy lesson. The first thing you need to do is draw the line pattern for your zebra stripes. You can either create your own design, or you can follow the example shown to you.

Step 2

You will fill in the lining lines by drawing rough lines. This will create unique and vibrant stripes. This step will look like you’ve just drawn the lines.

Step 3

To finish your drawing, add more solid lines like the ones shown here. You don’t need to erase anything since all of the lines you have drawn can be used with color.

Step 4

These are the templates. Now you can color them in black or brown. It is so easy to draw zebra stripes. Bravo, people!


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