Perhaps the most striking and confusing character of Futurama can be Zapp Brannigan. The drawing lesson today will be focused on drawing Zapp Brannigan.

Step 1
The first step is to begin by drawing the head and outline of the body of our persona.

Step 2
Then, we draw the outline of the arms and legs that are disproportionately thin.

Step 3
Then draw the eyes that are frowning and the nose. Then draw pupils that are made of dots.

Step 4
We now move slightly over and draw the lines that define the hairstyle on your forehead, and ears.

Step 5
The teeth of Zapp Brannigan, curving to create a Hollywood smile.

Step 6
Lower the waistline and then draw the collar as well as the parts of the costume onto the shoulders.

Step 7
Make sure you draw the lines of hands and arms, with gloves that are retro and futuristic.

Step 8
Draw out the outline that represents the bellied part of the torso, as depicted in our example.

Step 9
Then, go to the lower section of the captain’s body, and draw legs, dressed with retro-futuristic boots.

Recently, we began drawing cartoon characters from Futurama and slowly improve our methods of drawing these characters. This is why your feedback regarding this as well as other drawing lessons is significant to us. So, feel free to tell us your opinions and critique in the comments section of this article, or send us an email.

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