How To Draw Zane from Ninjago Step by Step -

How To Draw Zane from Ninjago Step by Step

How To Draw Zane from Ninjago Step by Step

It is possible to refer to the easy step-by-step drawing instructions below.

How to Draw Clifford the Big Red Dog

Step 1


Let’s go over the process with a fresh start. Make an oval to represent the head. then draw the outline or shape of the body. Then, help to draw the face.

Step 2

Draw your outline for the gi-ninja’s Hood, and as the previous step, ensure that there are enough folds, folds or folds.

Step 3

Draw your small open eye hole as you would Then draw and color your eyebrows and the tail in the same way. Be sure to use the guidelines on your face.

Step 4

Draw the cube’s shape and the arms, and remember not to trace the defined line which creates the Ninjago body appear like it’s a Lego piece.

Step 5

Then, draw the left arm and hand as that when you draw the hand ensure that it looks like your usual crescent-shaped Lego hand.

Step 6

Draw Zane’s second hand, as well as his preferred weapon. You can also see the wrist joints and joints can be seen.

Step 7

We’ll finish the body by drawing feet and legs. Make a crotch seam, clean the sketch in preparation for Zane to finish the details.

Step 8

You can now sketch all the other details as medals or symbols. Belt around his waist and inside leg.

Step 9

Let’s see Zane from Ninjago after you’re done. Paint him, and that’s all there is to it. Thank you for everyone’s efforts I hope that you enjoyed yourselves.

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