How to draw Zamazenta -

How to draw Zamazenta

How to draw Zamazenta

How to draw Zamazenta

Step 1:

All right. This will take you through three steps. You will need one for your head, one for your mane, and the last for the body.

Step 2:

Use the guide to draw Zamazenta’s head and face shapes. You will be fine if you take your time and don’t rush.

Step 3:

Color and draw some eyes. Also, you can add details inside the ears.

Step 4:

Now, it’s time for the bushy hair. This is one of Zamazenta’s trademarks. It looks like a ponytail at the center and a flared style at the sides.

Step 5:

Next, create the triangular shapes for the chest design. Also, draw the details and definition.

Step 6:

The flame-like hairy coat will be drawn along with the front legs, paws, and paws. Remember to include the toes of each paw.

Step 7:

Let’s wrap up Zamazenta by drawing his back legs, paws and tail. Once you are done, you can make amends.

Step 8:

This is the line art, guys. I hope you had a lot of fun drawing Zamazenta from Pokemon. Before you show off your work, color this Legendary character.

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