How to draw Zacian

How to draw Zacian

Step 1:

Begin by identifying the shapes and guidelines that will be used to create Zacian.

Step 2:

Next, we’ll draw Zacian’s front face plate outline before drawing the face. It almost looks like a three-pointed crown.

Step 3:

We can now draw the face. Draw the nose and add the snout. Next, draw the outline of the face shield. Once that is complete, you can draw the eyes.

Step 4:

Draw the two other horns, and then create the head shape.

Step 5:

Next, draw the blade Zacian most often carries in its mouth. Draw the handle and add the details to the blade.

Step 6:

The sectioned collar can be drawn in, which looks more like a flower display. Once that is complete, draw the front legs and feet/toes/claws.

Step 7:

You can now add the long hair that flows down the back and along your sides.

Step 8:

Next, you’ll finish the body shape and draw the warrior-style wings. To complete the Zacian character creation, add all details and definitions to the wings. Remove all mistakes and visible guides.

Step 9:

Once you’re done, Zacian should look something like this. You can now have some fun coloring this Pokemon and then show off your work to everyone.

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