How to Draw Yui, Yui From Sword Art Online

How to Draw Yui, Yui From Sword Art Online

Step one:

Create a nut shape to represent the head. Then sketch the shoulder. Connect the two forms with the neck and torso in this manner, then you can create facial guidelines.

Step two:

The shape of her face in the same way as you can draw out her straight-lined bangs as well as hair that is cupped or hangs on the sides part of her face. You can see that her bangs are cut with slits, giving an angular look.

Step three:

Utilizing the facial guides, make big eyes with semi-thick eyebrows after which you can add the cute smile and nose.

Step four:

Increase the length of hair and then draw the outline that her neck will take. After that, you’ll draw in the collar of the sweater. The collar should be long and thick. Include the detail to the collar and go on to step 5.

Step five:

Finally, draw the rest of her hairstyle , which is in line with an outline of the head. Make sure you add detail to her hair. draw the shoulders and then erase any mistakes.

Step six:

Here’s what Yui looks after you’re done. You can color her in after which you’re done. Nice work people.

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