How to draw youtube logo

Here in this article, we going to Draw a YouTube Logo with 6 easy steps. Most YouTubers want to Hang Google-related Drawings on their wall. So we start a Drawing Series of Google products. In this Drawing Series, you can learn How to Draw YouTube, Gmail, Drive, etc.

If you happened to visit YouTube on Monday (which isn’t unlikely, what with it being the second most-visited website in the world), you might have noticed an unfamiliar logo. To mark Black History Month (BHM), the company has announced that Black artists will reimagine the site’s logo every week in February. 

A new design will appear on the site every Monday, with Brazil-based artist Leandro Assis’s interpretation adorning the homepage at the start of this week. Assis’s logo (below) features the familiar red play button, but with stylised ‘BHM’ lettering replacing the standard YouTube wordmark. 

How to draw youtube logo

Draw 4 lines of rectangle and then join each other with a curve. Also, you can first draw a rectangle and then erase the corner and join each other with a curve like the upper picture. These steps need for the YouTube Logo Drawing.

Now, we are going to make this YouTube Logo Drawing more interesting and funny. So, draw two circles inside the YouTube Logo below the triangle as shown in the below picture. These two circles must look like the YouTube eyes. Follow the below picture.

Adding eyes to this YouTube Logo makes it more attractive and unique. Because most of the peoples draw the original YouTube Logo. So, there are no unique things to show. But if you draw the YouTube Logo with Eyes and Mouth then, these two things make your picture very attractive. Don’t worry we are going to draw the mouth in the next step.

Now, we need to give the final touch to make this drawing overpowered. First, give the final touch to the eyes as shown in the below picture. Then, Review all the elements of this drawing perfectly.

In this step, we need to fill the black color in the eyes and mouth like shown in the below picture. And, fill the tongue with pink color as shown in the below picture. Then, mark all borders with a marker pen. That’s it, we complete the YouTube Logo drawing with these easy steps.

Some youtube logo Drawing pictures

Watch video to draw youtube logo


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