How To Draw Young Justice

How To Draw Young Justice

Step one:

Start this first step by drawing the basic shapes and guidelines to draw Superboy first. Begin with the shapes of the hand, torso, and head in the same way, and later you can add the guidelines for the face and right arm.

Step two:

You will now draw the forms and guidelines of Aqualad First, you’ll draw the head and the torso as you would. Then, you will add your guidelines on the arms, face and legs.

Step three:

Add another outline of a superhero that will be Robin. Draw out the torso and head before drawing in the outline for the body and face.

Step four:

The two last characters will be somewhat simpler to draw as they’re in an arc. They are Miss Martian and Kid Flash. Draw their heads and torsos. Then, draw the guidelines for their faces and arms.

Step five:

Start sketching out the faces of each superhero, beginning with Superboy. After the faces have been drawn out, you can then begin working on the outline of their hairstyles out. Kid Flash needs to have his goggles drawn across his forehead.

Step six:

Now, you’re going to have to be patient while drawing the eyes of your subject in detail. That means you’ll need to draw the forms of eyes, the eyebrows as well as the nostrils. After that then you can draw the details of the ears. You can then make the mouths.

Step seven:

OK, Superboy just needs some eyes, and a bit of his neck collars. Once you’ve got that done, you can begin drawing out necks and collars of the shirt for other superheroes as the cape of Robin.

Step eight:

As you can see , you will begin drawing the torsos for each character and you will see that each of the heroes has strong , muscular bodies. Make sure that the chest and arms are well designed and once you are done, you can sketch in the emblems and caps for the heroes that sport them.

Step nine:

You’re ready to begin sketching out the body parts of all the heroes. The body is made up of their arms, legs hands, hands, and the feet. Include some muscle definition to the legs. Then draw the buttons, belts, and other caps. In the case of Superboy You will have to draw the lines of the fingers and then draw the Superman symbol on his chest with no S inside.

Step ten:

In the final drawing step, all you need complete is to draw Superboy’s legs and complete the detail and details on their outfits as shown here. Also, draw shoes for Robin and Kid Flash. Eliminate the lines and the designs you created in step one , to tidy up your drawing.

Step eleven:

Check out how amazing your super heroes look. Then, you can start coloring them to make the drawing. I am grateful to you for assisting me on this journey of drawing Young Justice.

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