How to Draw Yoda

This guide will show you how to draw Yoda. He is the greatest Jedi. We took maximum responsibility for this lesson.


Step 1

First, we will make a shape using several circles. This will indicate the position of our character as well as the basic proportions. It doesn’t look like a snowman. The middle figure in our example is slightly smaller than its counterpart at the top. This feature is important to ensure that you make the perfect Yoda.




Step 2

Okay, we’ll add some sticks. This will create a high-quality sketch. You can actually give any pose to your character. You can follow our example and draw the obtuse angles for the arms and the straight sticks for the legs.





Step 3

You have a sketch of circles and sticks. To make this Jedi even more human, let’s add facial features. We will add an almond-shaped pair of eyes and a flattened outline to the nose. Pay attention to the shape and position of your pupils, as well as the distance between them. These three factors have a huge impact on the overall picture. You’re probably on the right track if it looks a little like a happy cat.




Step 4

Now, add the lower half of the Jedi Master’s face. Draw a chin with a smooth bend and a mouth. The mouth’s bottom line is shorter than its top. The chin should be narrower than the top. Avoid a sharp corner at your chin.




Step 5

Yoda is wrinkled, it’s because it’s older, isn’t he? Many thought it until they saw Baby Yoda. This is a joke. It is not the same character. Yoda’s wrinkles remind me of the pattern on Spider-Man’s mask. Many vertical lines run parallel to the point between the eyes. They intersect with curved horizontal ones.




Step 6

It should look very similar to Yoda. You may notice a strange appearance in your character. This is a common error that greatly distorts your picture. Now we need to add the horizontal contours of the ears. This looks a lot like the ears of fairytale characters or elves.

As you can see, the outer contours of your ears should not be completely flat. The contours and contours of your auricle should not be identical to the contours of your ears.




Step 7

What are the Jedi Masters’ preferred clothes? These Jedi Masters prefer long hoodies. Let’s see how we can make a Master Yoda-inspired hoodie. Use long, straight vertical lines. Don’t forget to include the outline of your hood.




Step 8

In this step, we continue working with the hoodie. Yoda’s hoodie looks very similar to other Jedi clothes, but in this instance, we only see a smaller size. We outline the typical contours of large sleeves and free sleeves. The fabric’s folds are an important detail.




Step 9

We will continue our guide on how you draw Yoda. Fold the fabric. You must always draw many folds when you are creating loose, spacious clothes. Make sure to add a belt and small collar, which should be placed asymmetrically below the head.




Step 10

Master Yoda’s body is hard to see. We can see his hands, however, because he loves to use his lightsaber or lean on his staff. This step will show you how to draw three-fingered hands using sharp claws.




Step 11

This step will outline the contours of Yoda’s lower limbs. Pay close attention to the dimensions of the legs and the shapes of the bones or fingers. Your sketch can be greatly affected by too big or too few paws.




Step 12

It has always been a paradox that I have noticed. Yoda walks with his wand in his hand, and he feels almost like an old, sick Jedi. In an emergency, Yoda can drop the staff and use amazing acrobatic skills. Let’s see the smooth and wavy contours on this wand.




Step 13

What are your thoughts? We hope that you can see a great sketch of your piece. You can correct any mistakes or inaccuracies in this step. Take your drawing and take a look at it in the mirror. All inaccuracies will be immediately apparent. We fix it, and we move on to the next.




Step 14

This is the final step in an entire drawing guide about how to draw Yoda. This step will allow us to colorize the sketch. Avoid bright, catchy colors. Choose a darker color for each color. This will cast shadows.




We did a fantastic job. I hope you found our guide to drawing Yoda useful. We welcome your comments and questions.

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