Hi! Today we have a new drawing lesson for those who love Star Wars. We are hoping it will be great news for everyone who is a fan of Jedi Knights because the focus of the lesson is to draw Master Yoda step-by-step. It’s difficult to speak about Master Yoda’s tale. George Lucas, the creator of the Star Wars universe, banned to reveal or discuss in future films any information about Yoda’s early years or his parents, or any other details from the past.

Step 1
With the help of sticks and circles, make the character of the stickman. The head is extremely large, especially in comparison to the body. The pelvis and the chest have a similar width. As you can observe, our stickman’s body does not have a neck.

Step 2
Okay, if you’re certain that you have drawn a good stickman, then you can begin with this step. Let’s draw the contours for the mantle. This portion of the mantles has a bit of a shrinking around your midriff (only on the left side). Utilizing the smooth curve lines draw the paws. Be sure to remember that wooden stick. It’s hilarious that the master Yoda cannot walk on sticks but he’s able to discard the stick and kill many droids and clones when needed.

Another method of doing this involves drawing face lines, as those in the example.

Step 3
This step is very simple. With the face lines of earlier steps, sketch the facial highlights. As you can observe the eyes are almond-shaped and pointed ears that extend in a horizontal direction.

Step 4
Okay, you’ve basically sketched it. Let’s go over it (in the next step, face). Remove any lines that are not needed from earlier steps. Then draw the lines of the eyes, lips, and lips. Do not forget to draw lines in the ears.

Step 5
We can draw wrinkles on our character. The wrinkles on the forehead seem like the webs on spiderman’s mask. Be aware of wrinkles that appear between the eyes.

Step 6
Then draw the folds of fabric. If you take a look at the robes worn by Jedi masters, there are numerous pleats. This is why we have marked the red lines that you need to mark in this step.

Step 7
Continue drawing the lines of the mantle, as well as the folds of the fabric. However, first, you need to remove all lines left from the stickmen as well as any unnecessary lines in the earlier steps. To do this:

Then, you can make the rest of the folds. The end result of this process:

Step 8
Now we have a nearly completed image. The final step is to work on shadows.

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