On our website, you can find an astounding array of supervillains and superheroes from various comic book worlds. We mostly draw well-known characters, like Wolverine as well as Thor however, in this lesson, we’ll draw a different character. We’ll begin by focusing on drawing Xorn.

Step 1
The character is in an unusual location, however, every principle of drawing a person’s face are applied in this. In the tradition of drawing sketching out the head as well as a basic outline of the spine. Then, we draw the outlines of the pelvis and the chest. The final step is sketching the outline of the legs and arms.

Step 2
Most comic book characters look strong, and this one is not an exception. To communicate this, we draw the outline of body parts with simple geometric designs. First, we draw two lines that intersect on the face. Then we draw the outline of the torso as well as legs and arms.

Step 3
Let’s draw the outline of the most basic parts of their physique of Xorn. Beginning with the face, draw the lines of the mouth and eyes on the face. To do this, we use the intersecting lines drawn in prior steps. Then, we lower and draw the outline of hands and clothing.

Step 4
It’s a simple step and we believe you won’t have difficulties with its execution. In this case, we have to precisely circle the outline and specifics of the mask that Xorns has placed on his head. Use an eraser to erase all the guidelines that are not necessary from the head.

Step 5
If you’ve previously drawn the head of Xorn and you’re ready to go a bit lower and begin drawing the details of the body. Utilizing the dark and clear lines we’ll carefully draw the outline of the torso and jacket. Take out any unnecessary guidelines from the body of our mutant.

Step 6
In the earlier step, we sketched out the body of Xorne and in this step, we’ll draw his arms. Thus, following the lines drawn by the body, we’ll trace the sleeves on the jacket considering all the folds. Then, we will draw hands and then remove any unwanted lines.

Step 7
The next step is to draw out the lower half of the body Xorn. Following the same principle as the previous step, we’ll be careful to draw the outline of the legs as the artists of our time did. Make sure to draw the belt and shoes, and eliminate any unneeded lines in your Xorn drawing.

Step 8
Our work in drawing the sketch is done, and for total happiness, all we need to do is to make some shadows. We will accomplish this by using dense hatching. It is possible to create shadows in our example or create black shadows with contrasting colors in the lesson on Professor X.

We’ve created for you an extensive collection of drawing lessons from various sources that will be posted on our site in the near time. Make sure to check out our site regularly so that you won’t be left out of the latest lessons offered by artists on

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