Hello, dear friends. We love comics, and often draw diverse characters from various comics. In today’s drawing class, we’ve decided to show how to draw X-23. the art of drawing the X-23.

Step 1
The first thing we must sketch out is the outline of our character’s skeleton. Draw the head in the shape in the shape of an oval. Then, draw a line around the neck that goes through the spine. Sketch out the pelvis and chest. Remember that, unlike men, women’s shoulders are narrower and the pelvis is broad.

Step 2
On the head, draw the horizontal line on the head that helps draw the eyes and then the vertical lines that will help to find the center of your face. The neck should be drawn as well as the torso that narrows dramatically around the waist and expands around the hips. With the aid of simple geometric shapes, sketch out the legs and arms. Sketch out the joints using circles.

Step 3
Now, let’s get started sketching out the key elements. Start by slicing out straight, long hair falling across the shoulders. On the face, sketch the eyes, mouth, and nose. Join the geometric shapes of the previous step with straight lines. Draw the clothes’ elements Two claws for each hand, and one claw for each foot.

Step 4
Let’s get started on all the details. Take your time drawing the hair of our X-23. By drawing clear lines, you can draw the nose, eyes, and lips. Draw the contours of the face using a slimming chin.

Step 5
Then we will proceed to the top of a physique of X-23. Take care to draw out the torso clothes and muscle lines. Then, draw arms by clenching fingers with sharp claws.

Step 6
Let’s go towards the lower part of X-23. It’s a simple step. With smooth lines, carefully sketch lines for the legs. Take note that the female legs are very different in comparison to the legs of males. male. They are broad in the hips and slim to the knees.

Step 7
Shadows can be made in many ways. You can create them like this one by hatching. This can make your drawing appear more real. Also, you can employ shadows that are dark and contrasted such as in the lesson on Deadpool. This can create a more comical drawing.

So, today we taught the viewers ways to draw the X-23. It is an interesting character that has seen a surge in popularity lately.

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